Why Buy Local?

main-streetSometimes I call myself a local tourist– driving downtown always feels like a mini-vacation. Why do I buy local? Mainly because it’s more fun. Where would you rather have lunch than our historic downtown?

There are more objective reasons to shop local. Madison Main Street issued a flyer about supporting local merchants. Here are some of their statistics:

68% of revenue earned at local independent businesses is recirculated into the local economy

43% of revenue earned at franchise businesses that are located in town are recirculated

0% of money spent through ONLINE shopping is re-invested into the local economy

The 3/50 Project is another shop local program with helpful statistics.

Our community has even more reason to support local business, namely our historic downtown and its surrounding natural beauty. There are very few small cities who enjoy this quality of life. The stronger our local economy, the stronger future Madison will enjoy.