Where Has Frisch’s Big Boy Gone?

Have You Seen Me?

Anyone who has spent any time here in Madison knows the ‘Big Boy’. He’s the corporate mascot of the Frisch’s Big Boy Reastaurant corporation who stands ever smiling as he greets those hungry patrons of the restaurant located on the hilltop at 460 East Clifty Drive. Recently though those dining at this home of such fare as the Brawny Lad and Swiss Miss burgers have had to do so without the gentle giant.

What could have happened to this lovable fiberglass friend of all those who decide to dine at this venerable institution? Where could the Big Boy have gone? Was he kidnapped? Has he run away from home? Is he seeking employment elsewhere? The answer to those questions happens to be far less dramatic than the questions themselves. Turns out that he has simply been sent for a make-over of sorts; he will be re-painted and soon after returned to his post,where he will once again serve to amuse children; and reprise  his role as an iconic  figure of Madison’s hilltop.

About Walter Long

Walter is a native Hoosier and has been to have lived in the Madison area for the last 12 years. He’s an avid reader. He’s married with two kids, one cat, one dog, and far too many rabbits. whlong@madisonindiana.us