Video: Downtown Architecture in Madison Indiana

Here are some extra video clips I recorded during the Madison Christmas Parade. They are not that exciting, but might be interesting to visitors who want to see some of the downtown buildings.

The clips show several blocks of West Main Street, the Broadway Fountain, Lanier Mansion. Here is another video if you’re interested in the architecture in downtown Madison.


  1. Lyle miller says:

    My grandfather and eight children survived the Great Flood of 1937. He owned a furniture store and stored the furniture on the top floors and then accepted the government volghures the Red Cross gave to the people of Madison. But the government did not honour them and it put him out of business and he did not let it get him down because it wasn’t the first time they had to start all over. At this time I am writting the history of my grandpa (Loyld Ambrose Miller) and my dad ( Paul Alonso Miller). My dad played there with his carnival/circus on a number of occasions. If you have any pictures of historical information aout them I would appreciate any copies of them. Thank You and may God bless you abundantly in Christ Jesus!
    Pastor Lyle Miller