Twinkies Comeback


The famous golden snack cake has finally returned to store shelves!

Hostess,the bakery company known for their snack cakes,bread,and fruit pies closed up shop and ceased production after filing for bankruptcy following poor management decisions and issues stemming from problems with their union labor forces.
Fortunately,for lovers of the long missing munchies,they have returned!

Walmart stores across America,and most importantly here in Madison,are once again stocking Hostess products on their shelves. Walmart is offering the sponge cakes and other treats days ahead of their competitors,who should begin offering them again by Monday.

For now only a few items from the Hostess lineup are being offered but,by next week,consumers will once again be able to find fruit pies and mini-muffins followed by Ho-Ho’s,Orange Cupcakes,Zingers and Suzy-Q’s with next month bringing the return of even more familiar products.

At the moment there are no stated plans to re-open the Butternut Bread Store here in Madison.

About Walter Long

Walter is a native Hoosier and has been to have lived in the Madison area for the last 12 years. He’s an avid reader. He’s married with two kids, one cat, one dog, and far too many rabbits.