Hiking in Clifty Falls State Park: Trail #5 Photos

Tunnel Falls Trail Sign

Springtime is the ideal season to see Madison’s waterfalls in action. These pictures are from the  Tunnel Falls trail #5 at Clifty Falls State Park. Enjoy and see the full set on our Facebook page. While you’re there, be sure to upload your photos of Madison Indiana.

My route

Here is a snapshot of the park map with my route marked. Even at a slow pace with plenty of pictures this only took about an hour. These photos are roughly in the order that I took them.

water fall

This is a photo of the largest waterfall on this route. The drop is several stories and the sound filled the valley. It’s more impressive with more rain, but then the trails are too muddy for much hiking.

Trail Cliff

This trail overlooks a deep valley. The route seems safe, but I would hesitate to bring immature children on this section.

Rock Seat

This was an interesting formation. I would call it a rock seat, but have not idea how it came to be. I was not daring enough to get much closer. The rock walls were towering overhead.

Looking into the Tunnel

Here is a glimpse inside the tunnel. Foot traffic is not allowed past this point for preservation reasons. As you approach you can feel the cool air at the mouth of the tunnel.

Rock Stairs

While this is one of the shorter trials, you’ll need sure feet to navigate the many stone & wooden steps. Be sure to rest often and wear the right shoes.

I imagine a professional photographer could spend days just capturing the different scenes on this one short trail in Clifty Falls State Park. On my next trip I’ll bring along my video camera to offer more perspective on the trail.

Be sure to check out the other 40+ photos in this set on our Facebook page.


  1. Tim Bucktoo says:

    The tunnel is closed because of a disease that bats are carrying. At times bats sleep and/or hibernate in the tunnel.