The Broadway Fountain,Why So Dry?

Where's the water?

The Broadway Fountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in downtown Madison and part of it’s beauty stems, unquestionably; from the sprays of water that it emits from it’s many nozzles but as any visitor to the fountain this season has undoubtedly noticed, there is now no water to be found there. Certainly the fountain is quite lovely as a piece of sculpture alone but it was intended from it’s very beginnings to have it’s inherent beauty complemented by the water as it flows from it’s jets which then in turn cascades down from the upper tiers to the pool below.

Should you have found yourself wondering why this centerpiece of downtown Madison’s historic  has been inactive then look no further than this article for your explanation. Following an e-mail sent to Parks Director David Stucker asking for information about the status of the fountain. Mr.Stucker promptly and kindly responded with an answer.

The fountain has been shut down in order to better facilitate the work being done to upgrade it’s own electrical systems as well as those along it’s surrounding walkways. The upgrades, which will cost nearly $30,000 will include the replacement of the underwater lights in the fountain’s pool, which have been leaking; and all electrical systems in the basement beneath the fountain which houses it’s pumps. There will also be new lighting installed along the sidewalks in the park.

Hopefully the work will move along swiftly and smoothly allowing the Broadway Fountain to be re-activated; returning it to it’s full glory which we have all come to know and love.

About Walter Long

Walter is a native Hoosier and has been to have lived in the Madison area for the last 12 years. He’s an avid reader. He’s married with two kids, one cat, one dog, and far too many rabbits.