Sakka Blue: Madison’s Sushi Restaurant

The Sakka Blue Outside Cover

One of my new favorite places for lunch is Sakka Blue, a Japanese Seafood & Sushi eatery located in the old Madison Trolley Barn. This surprising downtown business appears to be doing well.

Yes, little Madison Indiana has a great Sushi restaurant!

It’s hard for me to compare, because I’m new to Sushi in general, but in my limited experience their food quality is very high. Don’t take my word alone, read what one of our local Madison bloggers had to say about the restaurant.

Yes! Woo-hoo, woo-hoo! Much celebration, we have a real sushi restaurant, with a real sushi chef. It even looks like a real sushi restaurant. And they made me an avocado roll today (yes, readers, I’m a vegetarian who also generally does not eat fish, even the raw kind). Yummy, yummy and yummier. One woman in the restaurant had driven all the way from Carollton (which, okay, is not that far, but still).

The three Chinese buffets in town also serve Sushi in Madison, but it’s a weird imitation. The rolls at Sakka Blue are made to order by a specialized Sushi chef or his apprentice. Unless you want to drive to Louisville, this is the only place to get real Japanese food.

Closer look at two basic rolls from the Sushi Chef at Sakka Blue

Another Sushi Roll Close Up

The Kentucky Derby Roll, the Shrimp are the Twin Spires

The Sushi Chef and his apprentice working at the Sushi Bar

Price: Most rolls and boxes are under $10. I rarely spend over twenty on lunch after tip and drink.

Menu: It’s a full line Sushi Bar, cooked or raw, plus other seafood options for patrons still new to Japanese food. This is the only restaurant in town that serves the local Mobreski micro-brew beer.

Hours: Tues-Fri Open 11-2:30 for Lunch & 5-9 for Dinner(open until 9:30 Friday). Open Saturday from 1:30-9:30

Closed — Sunday & Monday

Address: Sakka Blue. 719 W. Main St. Madison, Ind. In the historic Trolley Barn, across from the downtown elementary school.

Phone: (812) 274-2583, reservations welcome but rarely needed

Parking: Street parking is plentiful on this block or use connecting streets.

Bathrooms: Clean and up-to-date, a little above average.

Bottom Line: If you like real Sushi, not the weird stuff at the Chinese Buffet, this is the only place to get it in Jefferson County, Indiana. If you’ve been to this restaurant, please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

For more information and to see what others think, be sure to visit their official Facebook page.

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From the outside, you might miss this local treasure

Micro Brew at Sakka Blue


  1. My husband and I eat at Sakka Blue atleast once a week. The service is wonderful, the food is amazing, the microbrews devine! We give 4 very enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

  2. Helen Cope says:

    When my son was here I took him to this restaurant. He is from the Houston, TX area and LOVES sushi. We ordered almost every sushi on the menu. James, my son, was in heaven. He LOVED every bite!

  3. Brian Richardson says:

    The sushi is excellent and the service is great and you can’t go wrong with the brews either. A top notch place tucked away in Madison.