Southwestern Schools in Hanover “Balanced Calendar” for 2011-2012

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The Hanover Indiana school board has adopted this new balanced calendar for the new school year in 2011-2012. This affects the Southwestern Jefferson County Indiana schools.  The main change is the expanded Fall break in October and Spring break in March. Each will be two weeks long. You can download it from the following link.


July 29 Annual Bus Driver Meeting (8:00 a.m.)
Aug. 1 First Teacher Day (1/2 Day)
Aug. 2 Teacher Work Day
Aug. 3 First Student Day
Sept. 5 Labor Day—No School
Oct. 4 Elementary Conferences (3:15 – 7:30)
Oct. 6 Elementary Conferences (3:15 – 6:15)
Oct. 10-21 Fall Break – No School K-12
Nov. 24-25 Thanksgiving Break—No School K-12
Dec. 21-Jan. 3 Christmas Break—No School K-12


Jan. 4 Classes Resume
Feb. 20 Presidents’ Day— No School
Or 1st Make-Up Day
Mar. 19-30 Spring Break—No School K-12
Note: The first week of Spring Break will be used as
make-up days if needed.
Apr. 6 Good Friday—No School, Or 2nd Make-Up Day
Apr. 27 Staff Development Day No Students, Or 3rd Make-Up Day
May 28 Memorial Day—No School
May 31 Last Student Day
June 1 Last Teacher Day (1/2 Day) Graduation (7:00 p.m.)
Teacher Days: 184 Student Days: 180




  1. Margaret Dorr says:

    This is just more time taken away from families. Taking warm weather days away from families in exchange for cold weather days is robbing families of opportune time to engage in recreational activities! We are weather dependent in this area, and it makes no sense to take the kids out of the classroom when it’s cold and put them into the classroom when it’s warm. And childcare is far more difficult to find for all of these multiple breaks. It is easier to find in one block of time, like summertime.