Solid Waste By Any Other Name

** This is a guest post from Kendal R. Miller, SEIRD Public Outreach Coordinator.

“What’s in a name?” That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

With apologies to Shakespeare, there are titles—such as solid waste district—that could possibly blow that sentiment out of the water. In my opinion however, having a business name that is identifiable helps customers—or in our case, residents—know exactly what our organization is about.

Having been the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District (SISWD) since 1990, it is with the support of our board of directors that we are officially announcing our new name—Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD). With our “recycled” logo appearing similar to its former counterpart, you’ll notice its new acronym and a different eagle donning a wider wingspan.

SEIRD’s name change is a good thing. Recently I wrote about the oddities in being an employee of a solid waste district. An obstacle in my profession is that the term “solid waste” throws the public for a loop. If one performed a man-on-the-street interview questioning, “What is solid waste?” my prediction would be that the majority of the responses would be suitable only for late-night television.

I recall reading a book focused on marketing strategies and how selecting a name can make or break a business.  Who wouldn’t want to have their taxes prepared by Many Happy Returns or take their dog to Every Dog Has its Daycare?  Not only are these monikers clever, but enlighten a client as to the services that they offer. Solid waste district vs. recycling district? I think the answer is as clear as #1 PET plastic.

To clarify however, recycling is only a portion of what we do at SEIRD. Yes, we’re the “recycling people,” but also the organization that offers opportunities such as reuse centers, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and pharmaceutical waste disposal, youth and adult recycling education, recycling containers, and disaster debris management throughout Franklin, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, and Switzerland Counties. (Unfortunately, all of that wouldn’t fit into a logo and was too “wordy” to have embroidered on company shirts.)

Although we’re still in the middle of changing our signage across our district, its business as usual—striving to continue being good environmental stewards while looking at ways to improve our services.

Now that I think about it, we’re similar to the new eagle on the SEIRD logo—flying a little higher and spreading our wings a little wider. For this we have our residents to thank—it is only with your help that we can continue to be Your Partner in Protecting the Earth


  1. Thanks for the opportunity Tony! Looking forward to keeping you updated about the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD.)

  2. Tony K. says:

    Thanks for the information. I think you’re right about “solid waste” and what people might assume that means. Looking forward to more features like this in the future.