Snow Emergency for Madison & Jefferson County Indiana?

We’re all a little tired of the snow and ready to get out of our houses. But according to several news outlets our city and county are under a snow emergency.

Several news sources (video here) are reporting the emergency has changed to a warning on Tuesday afternoon. Still nothing on the official websites.

Here are the reports from earlier:

From the Madison Courier:

A Level 1 emergency was declared for Jefferson County, which means that only authorized vehicles can be on any roads until further notice. Madison is currently under a Level 2 emergency. A Level 3 emergency has been declared for Ripley County. Only emergency personnel should be on the roadways. Updated Tuesday, February 16 at 5:57 am

From Madison Weather Blog

10:48pm 2/15/10 Update ** ROAD REPORT For Jefferson, IN ** Major roads- Still snow covered.  State Roads- Still snow covered. County Roads- Hazardous.  A Level 1 Snow Emergency is still in effect… In effect until further notice. This means that only emergency vehicles on the roads.

From WORX Radio:

Tuesday February 16, 2010  **Jefferson County is under a LEVEL 1 EMERGENCY. Only Emergency Personel & 24 Hour Service Workers allowed to travel. City of Madison is under a LEVEL 2 EMERGENCY  No unnecessary travel. Ripley County is under a LEVEL 2 EMERGENCY. No unnecessary travel.

When Does This End?

What I would love to know is when does this emergency end? For that matter who makes the call? Is it the City of Madison Police or the Jefferson County Sheriff? How will it be communicated.

Why is there nothing on the official city website? That would be an obvious place to put this kind of announcement.  At least post something on the city’s Facebook page.  Why is there nothing on the official Madison Police web page?

I’ve searched online and it’s very difficult to even find a definition of these snow policies. I know the state of Indiana has put out a uniform system of alerts back in 2007. But the calls are made on the local level.

No luck. We’re all just sitting at home and waiting with no official communication channels, we’re in the dark.

At least my dogs are having fun.