River Level at Madison Indiana

Click above to see the latest projections from the NWS.

Over the last 50 days we’ve seen the river level spike three times. The best place to keep track of the Madison river levels is from the National Weather Service. Click on the chart to the right to see the latest data.

As of Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service is predicting a rise between now and the early AM hours on Thursday. Their latest chart is showing the river level hitting the action stage at 449 ft.

Update: The updated forecast on May 4th shows lower levels than first expected. The crest is projected to remain below action stage and remain off of Vaughn Drive. If this chart holds, the Ohio river will be well under control in Madison by this weekend.

To keep on track of all this, click here to see the charts for yourself. We can only speculate what another round of rain overnight might bring. The good news is this latest threat looks weaker than the last. We’ll know soon enough!