Our Guide to the Madison Regatta Parade

Horse Drawn Float in the Madison Regatta Parade

Like all things Madison, there’s a bit of a learning curve if you’re not a local resident. This post is about helping newcomers made the most of our Madison’s Independence Day Parade. Read these pointers and then comment with to add your own advice.

Arrive Before  5 PM ~ The crowds are not massive, but getting your chair on the curb takes a head start. Come a little early and make some new friends.

Parking Is Tight ~ My preference is to park at King’s Daughters Hospital or at the very North end of Broadway Street. There’s plenty of parking there if you come early and it’s only a few blocks to Main Street.

Bring Your Own Chair & Bottled Water ~ This is a long parade and about half the county enters there own float. Plan on staying at least 90+ minutes. Don’t bring a cooler, you’ll be better off buying dinner downtown.

Hang Around When It’s Done ~ There’s no rush and plenty to do downtown. The Regatta festival includes more downtown events after the parade. The traffic will be clear in less than an hour.


  1. Yuwanda says:

    Is there a place to dock or anchor a boat ?

  2. Jim Brown says:

    what is the race course for 2013?

    • Tony K. says:

      No official announcement yet. It will depend on the bridge progress and what they can do safely on the East turn.

  3. Walter Long says:

    Bring Sunscreen or Shade – Although this year the weather was gentle in many years past the sun,temperatures and humidity have served to make the parade nearly unbearable! Bring sunscren,try to sit in the shade and HYDRATE! A cooler,like Tony said,is unnecessary but at least a few botles of water per member of your party is a great idea!