Pate’s Pantry: Hanover’s Local Butcher

Pate’s Processing is the only choice in Jefferson County for full service meat processing. Now they’ve added a retail outlet in Hanover to better serve their customers. The shop is small but very clean and well-organized.

When cooking dinner at home, having fresh local meat is always a winner. You can get cold cuts, cheese, bulk foods, and ready to cook beef. They even offer hot lunch during the week. Pate’s Pantry offers all this and friendly service.

Of course, the best price comes when you order a whole of beef and get it custom slaughtered. It’s the highest quality steak, ribs, and ground beef you will find. The service is amazing and they will make the cuts just as you like. If you’re sharing the order with family, they can even sort the cuts at your request. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing the animals are locally raised and not from industrial feed lot style farms.

I seriously love this place.

Address: 367 W. Lagrange Rd. Hanover, IN 47243

Phone: (812)866-MEAT — (812)866-6328

Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am – 6 pm. Sat 9 am – 4 pm. Sun closed.

Payment: Cash & Credit Cards

Finding Pate’s is easy, if you know where to look. It’s on the Hwy 62 on the way out of Hanover – just before the Dollar General Store on the left. You can also visit their official website for more information.

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  1. Jeff Scroggins says:

    Pate’s meat is amazing quality over that stuff that Walmart and other stores sell. I am originally from Madison but live in Jeffersonville and anytime I’m in town I stop by Pate’s for my meat needs. Their steaks are priced around the same as the grocery store but the flavor and tenderness is soo much better. The steaks average $7-$8 per pound. Ground beef 70/30 is around $3 per pound. Bacon is around $3.50 per pound and some great stuff!!

  2. jerry l lyon says:

    how much is your meat is if more there wal-mart can you me sun price on all you meat thank you

    • Tony Kummer says:

      Best to call the store for the price quote. We found that we could save money when ordering a whole cow & get it slaughtered exactly how we wanted. Amazing how often we enjoy steak when it’s ready in the freezer at home.