Real Estate in Madison Indiana

Jefferson County and Madison, Indiana offer a wide variety of real estate for sale. This page will help you get started in your search. The best way to browse for Madison Real Estate is through - this will list the vast majority of … [Continue reading]

Madison Indiana Funeral Homes

There are only a handful of funeral homes in Madison, Indiana. This page lists their contact information and links to the official websites where available. Morgan & Nay Funeral Centre Phone: (812) 265-5577 Address: 325 Demaree Dr. Madison, IN … [Continue reading]

Hanover Pizza Hut

Surprise! Christmas came early in Hanover, Indiana. The new Pizza Hut is officially open for delivery & carryout. We've been watching their progress over the last few weeks, but didn't expect the new restaurant to open until after the New … [Continue reading]

The Skinny on SEIRD Reuse Centers

** This is a guest post from Kendal R. Miller,SEIRD Public Outreach Coordinator. An e-mail from my mother recently prompted 1970s flashbacks. For those who remember the era, perhaps you’ll recall the oil crisis, disco music, the early days of … [Continue reading]

Pate’s Pantry: Hanover’s Local Butcher

Pate's Processing is the only choice in Jefferson County for full service meat processing. Now they've added a retail outlet in Hanover to better serve their customers. The shop is small but very clean and well-organized. When cooking dinner at … [Continue reading]

Local Madison Students Provide Voice Talent for Recycling Commercials

  ** This is a guest post from Kendal R. Miller,SEIRD Public Outreach Coordinator. Educators at the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD) are working with individual schools throughout their seven-county district to provide … [Continue reading]

Harry’s Stone Grill on the Madison Hilltop

Sometimes we forget the hilltop district of Madison offers some unique local restaurants. Harry's Stone Grill offers casual dining in a lodge like atmosphere. The first thing you'll notice is the crazy number of taxidermy mounts. Seriously, the … [Continue reading]

A Day Of Infamy and Honor

As my friend,and fellow contributor,Tony has already shared with you,today is the anniversary of that awful December day in 1941 when the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor,Hawaii was unexpectedly attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. It is safe to … [Continue reading]