Top 10 Blogs in Madison

Something about Madison brings out the thoughtful aspects of human nature. Maybe that's why so many in our community maintain a personal blog about their daily experience and happenings around town. To honor these local bloggers, we've compiled a … [Continue reading]

“Marvelous Madison” Television Show

SAVOR INDIANA, a travel show that airs in Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne, has posted their segments about Madison on YouTube. These short videos include some of my local favorites: Key West Shrimp House, Cocoa Safari Chocolates and several … [Continue reading]

Georgetown Neighborhood in Madison

The Georgetown Neighborhood is an often overlooked historic site in Madison, Indiana. It doesn't have the grand tours and rarely makes the national travel press, but it's well worth the time to experience via the HMI walking tour. You can also … [Continue reading]

Virtual Tour of Madison Shops & Restaurants

Madison is one of those places you have to see firsthand to truly appreciate. That's why people from surrounding cities keep coming back to visit our historic downtown. New visitors are often unsure where to start. Here is a new website that will … [Continue reading]

Our Little Community Online

One fun part of having a page on Facebook is the "Insights" tab. It offers some basic statistics about the page's reach and aggregate data about the users who have "liked" the Madison Observer. They don't reveal this data about any individual user, … [Continue reading]

10 Ways Regular People Can Make Madison Better

A few months back, we wrote about the stability and benefits of living in Madison today. In fact, no other period in our history has offered the high standard of living we enjoy today. Our modern healthcare, education, recreation, safety, and … [Continue reading]

Madison Indiana Featured in Travel Magazines

This post is a collection of links to travel articles about Madison. As local tourists, we always enjoy reading what outside groups have to say about our beautiful city. Please let us know if you discover more links to add to this list. We'll keep … [Continue reading]

Travel Guide to Madison from the National Parks Service

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed the website roll out their essays & visitor's guide to Madison. This excellent series of short articles describes the history, architectural, and tourist sites in our community. All counted, their … [Continue reading]