Our Little Community Online

Some insights from FacebookOne fun part of having a page on Facebook is the “Insights” tab. It offers some basic statistics about the page’s reach and aggregate data about the users who have “liked” the Madison Observer. They don’t reveal this data about any individual user, only the totals from our group of 1,249 fans.

Since we really are a community page, I want to pass on this information to you. Maybe you will find it interesting too. Leave a comment below to share your own observations.

These numbers were accessed on 2/26/13.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

  • There are 1,249 of you connected to our page. All together you have 278,263 friends. That’s about 223 for each of you.
  • Because you shared our content with those friends, we reached 3,630 Facebook users over the last week.

How many girls versus guys?

  • 68.1% female
  • 31% male

Where do you live? (This is the breakdown of people reached according to their city.)

  • 953 Madison, IN
  • 144 Hanover, IN
  • 126 Louisville, KY
  • 126 Indianapolis, IN
  • 71 Paoli, IN
  • 70 Columbus, IN
  • 50 North Vernon, IN
  • 49 Vevay, IN
  • 39 Carrollton, KY
  • 37 Atlanta, GA
  • 35 Milton, KY
  • 35 Bloomington, IN
  • 29 Seymour, IN
  • 29 Lexington, IN
  • 26 Cincinnati, OH
  • 23 Bedford, KY
  • 23 Scottsburg, IN
  • 20 Dupont, IN
  • 19 Peachtree City, GA
  • 18 Deputy, IN

That’s not too shabby for a handful of volunteer bloggers who just want to share the city they love with others. Thanks again for reading and being part of our little online community.