Ohio River Flirting with Flood Stage (March 2011)

Photo from the NWO website

A common topic around town this weekend has been the rising levels of the Ohio River. The Madison Courier has published photos of flooding on Vaughn Drive, the road along the riverfront.

The National Weather Service has predicted a peak of 451.7 ft for the Clifty Creek gauge to come in the early morning of Monday 14 March 2011. However, the high water will only slowly recede over the next 7-10 days.

How high is that number? Here is some helpful flood impact numbers from the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service website for Clifty Creek.

  • 475.9 Water reaches second story on Vaughn St. Most homes on First streets are flooded. Some business along First St. are flooded.
  • 473 All of First St. in Madison is flooded and water enters homes on First St. West end of Second St. is flooded. Water reaches IN 7. Many county roads on both sides are closed.
  • 471 Flooding begins in Bethlehem IN.
  • 470 Gas Co. in Madison is affected.
  • 468 Other homes in the west end of Madison are flooded. IN 56 bridge over Clifty Creek is covered.
  • 463 Almost all of Milton KY is flooded. Sewage plant in Madison is flooded.
  • 459 IN 56 is closed at Clifty Creek Park entrance.
  • 458 US 421 bridge entrance at Milton KY is closed.
  • 457 Water covers the west end of First St. Half of Milton KY is flooded. Entrance to Clifty Creek State Park is flooded.
  • 453 Water covers all of Vaughn St. in Madison. Water floods city campground. Flooding begins in Westport KY.
  • 452 Water floods Vaughn Street.
  • 449 Lower parts of Milton KY flood. Public landing at Madison floods.
  • 447 Road to Hanover Beach is closed.
  • 446 Bottomland begins to flood.