No ‘Green Jobs’ For Madison

The City of Madison has confirmed that the un-named, ‘green energy’ (aka: renewable energy) company that had been considering moving to Madison’s industrial zone on the hilltop has decided against doing so.

The City of Madison blog posted notes from the meeting. The most relevant portion comes in the final paragraph:

She stated that it is true she is no longer considering Madison as a place to locate her business.  Other communities are willing and ready to move forward with her.  Other communities have treated her with respect and want the technologies her company can offer.  One person in another community asked her, “How can we lower energy cost?”  Renewable energy is the future of this world.  Existing buildings are already in place in other communities that she can use.  She has orders that she must meet and cannot wait any longer.  Council members have totally twisted what she said to them in the executive sessions.  Yes, the Council asked questions, but what about the questions the Council did not ask?  The Council should have asked for documents sooner than later.  The Council had the ability to call her on the phone at any time.  She is sad for the whole situation of Madison.  She loves it here and even attended the River Roots festival.

The Madison Courier published a very detailed account of the meeting, revealing the name of the company and owner. This information was previously “undisclosed” by the Mayor’s office. According to their report, the business owner is Mynette Boykin, president of Global Energy Solutions Inc.

Click here to read more about the original proposal.

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