Meet Bob Cline: Founder of Madison Came Running

Bob Cline, Founder of Madison Came Running, spotted July 2012

I first discovered Madison Came Running back in 2005 while preparing to move to this area. Like any digital native, I was learning all I could about my future community over the Internet.

Fast forward seven years and I still enjoy Bob Cline’s window into downtown Madison. Just last week I decided to ask for a meeting and write something about this local hero.

His interesting life is documented on MCR, especially in the section called “A Moment In Time.” Colonel Robert Cline served with the Indiana State Police for 33 years. His distinguished career included more than its share of good stories. He guarded several US presidents, lived in the Governor’s Mansion for a time, rubbed shoulders with Paul Newman, and worked cleanup on some of Indiana’s worst disasters.

Then he came to Madison in 1992 to settle down and enjoy his so-called retirement in our river town. He was quickly tapped to head a new police force at Hanover College. This chapter has it’s share of interesting stories. One highlights was providing security wend Hanover alumnus Woody Harrelson came back for a speaking event on campus. Campus Police Chief Cline retired from that post on 12/31/1999. That assignment kept him busy for seven years.

At age 73, Bob was ready for a new challenge and soon began his new occupation as webmaster of Madison Came Running. He learned the ropes of HTML from  Jeffery Burleson and even contributed to the news page on Old Madison for a time.

Bob wasn’t content to dabble, his next stop was Ivy Tech to take a course in website administration. He created a pictorial directory of downtown Madison and her people. With the help of his wife Rita, the site grew and began to get noticed. In 2006, the Round About newspaper wrote an article featuring Madison Came Running. In 2007, they received an award from Lt. Governor Skillman for promoting tourism in Madison. Even now, readers approach Bob to say thanks when he is out around town.

One of the most moving sections of his website is the tribute to Rita Cline, who passed away in 2010.

After about an hour of solid talk, Bob asked me if I had any questions. My most pressing question related to his nickname, “Roger Bean.” Why the alias? What’s the story?

“Roger Bean” it turns out was his father’s nickname in the town of Osgood. His dad was the manager of the A&P grocery store, which reminded locals of the 1920’s comic strip about a shopkeeper. That meant Bob was often called “Little Roger” in his childhood days. The name was brought out of retirement for his column on the Old Madison website.


  1. Charles "Charlie" Spencer says:

    Bob, you are a man after my own heart! My cousin in Lexington, IN, sent me a copy of the “Roundabout” paper, knowing I would enjoy the write up about you.

    I was born a Hoosier in the former small rural settlement called Vesta west of Madison in Clark County and about a mile south of Hwy 62.
    Lived in Vesta, Speed, Sellersburg, Jeffersonville and Charlestown and before moving to Oklahoma (against my will) in 1953 lived in what was once called Socket City on Hwy 62.
    Fathers health forced move to Oklahoma. Madison has always been my “adopted” hometown and have visited many times, last in 2013. Your website is outstanding I am a retired municipal chief of police and retired assistant director of Oklahoma’s state law enforcement training agency. Have a total of 48 years in law enforcement. A family friend of years ago was ISP Trooper Marvin Walts who died tragically in 1955 while attempting to arrest a bank robbery suspect in Sellersburg.

    So much more I would like to say but for sake of space and time I will stop here

  2. Jennifer says:

    Words cannot describe How wonderful You are Pops and I’m so blessed to have been able to have spent time with you and Rita!!!!! ” Stay in the Buggy Pops”” don’t fall out

  3. ERNIE ALDER says:

    Hi Bob! Great looking over all your “stuff” I jUst suggested the President announce a new Cabinet Position: “POLYGRAPH SECRETARY”

  4. Steve David says:

    One would be hard pressed to find a finer gentleman than Bob Cline. Both his personal demeanor, and his integrity brighten any environment in which you find him. Thanks for all you do Roger Bean!

    Steve David

  5. A true Hero…