Madison’s Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant at Marble Hill

Is there a neuclear power plant in Madison Indiana?

Short answer is yes, but it was never fully operational. After spending billions of dollars, the nuclear power facility was shut down. Local residents feared a nuclear disaster could happen here in Madison. The project was killed and the nuclear plant is now a ghost facility. Watch the video then keep reading for the full story about what happened to the power plant.

The Marble Hill Story, Told by Indiana Public Radio

From 1977 to 1984, the city of Madison benefited from the construction of a nuclear energy facility in nearby Marble Hill. The plant was never fully operational despite 2.8 Billion invested by Public Service Indiana. Escalating costs and reports of serious safety defects resulted in the abandoned project. Here are a few links to follow up on this story.

The people of Madison were divided about the project. The local economy boomed with hundreds of new jobs and outside investment, but many were concerned about having a nuclear power facility so close to home.


  1. I’ve always wondered: to where were the power lines being built from the site? I remember when I was a kid, my parents and I drove down near there, and saw the 765 kv guyed-V towers still standing, with no wires strung on them. (Apparently years later they took them down to replace 765 kv towers on the Jefferson-Greentown line, owned by AEP, that were destroyed by an ice storm). The best I can see is that at least one 765 line was heading towards the Columbus 345 substation. Was this the only line? Anybody know the answer to this?