Madison-Milton Bridge Closed For Inspection (May 2012)

A view of the Madison-Milton Bridge taken from the Milton side.

Update 1:30 PM on 12 May 2012: The bridge has re-opened, but no new findings yet.

At 10:45 p.m. Friday, Kentucky State Police closed the Madison-Milton Bridge until further notice for an “emergency inspection” due to reports of falling debris coming from the bridge itself.

Inspectors are waiting until daylight to assess the damage (if any). Here is the official statement:

5/12/2012 – Milton-Madison Bridge Team News Release
The Milton-Madison Bridge was closed late last night by law enforcement on both sides of the river after calls regarding safety concerns on the bridge were received through the Madison, Ind. 911 system. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet sent a bridge engineer to review the structure last night. An initial review did not show anything out of the ordinary. A full team of KYTC bridge inspectors is at work at the bridge this morning.

The Mayor’s office sent out txt message at 1:20 PM confirming the bridge is back open… no word yet on why objects were falling off overnight. “Caveat emptor”

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