Madison Indiana Newspaper Listing

Local newspapers help build a sense of community in small cities like Madison. This page lists information about our local news sources and links to their websites. We’ve also build our own collection of local Madison Indiana News.

The Madison Courier – The only daily Madison Indiana newspaper serving Jefferson County. It was established in 1837 and has been family owned since 1849. The Courier is published Monday through Saturday. Their daily circulation is 9,500 households and over 20,000 readers. Locals swear but it. For more information, visit their official website. You can also view 8,617 issues in the historical archives online from Google. Dates range Oct 2, 1978 – Jun 30, 2009.

Round About Madison – This is a free entertainment guide published monthly and features local events in Madison Indiana. For more information, visit their official website.

Other Regional Papers – Madison is also served by regional newspapers. The Louisville Courier Journal and the Indianapolis Star are available at most retailers.

Newspapers in Madison’s History

  • 1813 The Western Eagle, first newspaper in Madison, established by William Hendricks. See the more information from the Library of Congress website.
  • 1837 Weekly Madison Courier newspaper was established by Andrew Grey.
  • 1849 Madison Courier purchased by Michael C. Garber, changed to daily publication.