Health Inspector Reports for Madison Restaurants

Our favorite Madison newspaper has started publishing reports from the Jefferson County Health Department. This has created a good deal of talk, especially when heading out for dinner!

You can check all the Madison Health inspection reports on the Jefferson County Health Department website.

Madison has some great places to eat and most of our local restaurants hold themselves to the highest standards. Of course, the Health Department is there to serve public safety.

In general the openness is good, but the reports are confusing. You can always ask the restaurant manager for clarification or call the Heath Department directly. 812 273-1942

We would love to hear your thoughts. Should this information be published in the newspaper? Does the Health Inspector need to give even more information to the public? Click here to share your thoughts.

The picture from this post comes from a Wikipedia article on food safety standards in China. The text reads, “Combat Illegal food adulteration activities, strictly regulate the use of food additives”.


  1. I am very glad to see the restaurant inspection reports published in the paper! This should have started years ago. I’ve been learning a lot reading through them. It’s good!