Hammond-Family Restaurant: Madison’s Lunch Counter

Hammond-Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana (6-22-2012)

Hammond-Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana (6-22-2012)

I’ve lived in Jefferson County for seven years, but never took the time to visit Hammond’s until this morning. For a time I even thought it was out-of-business when I only went downtown in the evening. Earlier this Spring, I read about Hammond’s from a travel blog called “Little Indiana.” Jessica’s post prompted me to see the place for myself.

I stopped in this morning around 8:15. I immediately felt at home as the other customers asked me why I was taking pictures with my phone. There are no strangers at Hammond’s. Along with my breakfast, I enjoyed a solid 30 minutes of small-talk. At least 8 other patrons were occupied with the local newspaper and retelling old stories.

Inside View Hammond-Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana (6-22-2012)

The Hammond-Family Restaurant has a long dinning counter and several padded booths for customers to enjoy.

The atmosphere is “homely.” An eclectic mix of dinnerware is used, along with random coffee mugs. The walls are mainly decorated with cartoon-style character sketches of regular customers. The building is very old and somewhat run-down, but this only adds to the charm. I had the feeling of going back to a simple time before franchise restaurants ruled the country.

Cartoons in Hammond-Family Resturant

Hammond’s is decorated with cartoon sketches of it’s own customers.

The sketches in Hammond’s were created by Rod Troyer, local artist and actor. Those who have seen the movie “Madison” should recognize him. Judge Fred Hoying (ret.) was a frequent customer of Hammond’s too. In Madison you never know who you may end up dining beside!

Cartoon Artist Sketch

A portrait of the artist who sketched the customer’s cartoons.

The food wasn’t that great, but it was satisfying and hot. I noticed the coffee and bread were generic brands from the local Wal-Mart. This was disappointing. Despite the local feel, this was the ingredients were nothing special.

Menu: Made-to-order items from the grill. Classic breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. Lunch menu is mostly burgers and fries, with a few other options by request.

Price: You can get breakfast easily under $5 and lunch for under $6

Hours: 5:30 AM until 2 PM, Monday – Saturday, closed on Sunday

Address: Hammond-Family Restaurant, 221 East Main St. Madison, Ind.

Parking: Most mornings you can find street parking, for lunch you might need to use the nearby public lot one block North on Mulberry St.

Bathrooms: Avoid except for emergencies.

Phone: (812) 265-3237

Bottom Line: It’s worth a visit, especially if you enjoy local conversation and a touch of gossip. If you’ve been to this restaurant, please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Little Hammond's Resturant

Hammond-Family Restaurant is tucked into this little storefront building on the 200 block of Main St. in downtown Madison, Indiana.


  1. Not that great?!? Oh, I beg to differ! We had a phenomenal breakfast at Hammond’s. Real bacon and homemade fare…mmm!

    Thanks for stopping by little Indiana. Glad it helped you discover this gem of a local hangout. 😉

    • Tony K. says:

      I’ll give you the bacon & eggs, but I might become a coffee snob in my old age! WE really appreciate your travel blog, let me know when you come back to town.