Wade Meisberger Arrested

Wade Meisberger is back in police custody after being arrested Monday night. According to reports, he was apprehended at the Madison Mobile Village. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail just after 11:00 p.m.

  • Click here to see his jailing information
  • We will update this story as details emerge. Look for the full story in the Madison Courier.

Image of missing Madison man Wade MeisbergerRiver Bridge between Carrolton,KY and Prestonville,KY bridge on June 21.

Mr.Meisberger,who was convicted of murder in Monroe County in 1993 and is currently still serving an 18yr probation for that crime (after serving 14yrs in prison) has published two videos, so far,to a YouTube account bearing his name that was set up on July 3rd.

Carrolton Police had been investigating the jumping incident as a suicide. You can read the original story in the Madison Courier. They’ve also covered these videos.

Mr.Meisberger has had a probation violation filed against him due to failure to report his current address to probation officials.

You may view his videos, in the more recent of which he describes his current situation and states that he is being victimized by various persons and agencies (specifically the Madison PD and former Madison Mayor Tim Armstrong),on the YouTube page that bears his name.Mr.Meisberger claims to have evidence of this corruption which he is threatening to reveal.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I just want to agree with Mr. Lewis about Wade, he is a good man however he is a guilty man and I too would like to know how to reach him after 20 some odd yeas. He never hurt me and am just not sure what made him snap on that dreadful day

  2. carrie says:

    For you bleeding hearts, let me give you some information about Wade Meisberger’s conduct AFTER his release, this having nothing to do with the murder itself..of which he was indeed found guilty. He stalked women. He used to stalk a friend of mine until she got scared enough to file a formal police report and get an order of protection. That is probation violation #1. After that, he started looking at another girl who was much too young for him, fed her a line about him being innocent and began following her all over. She also went to his probation officer. That is probation violation #2. He had a job at Hundyai in Louisville and quit it..probation violation #3. He put his house up for rent and lived in his truck, therefore not having a legal address. Probation violation #4. He fakes his own death by making it look like he’d jumped off the bridge, then reappears five days later with threats of blackmail which he never did release. Probation violation #5. He steals a car.Probation violation #6. He stays on the run rather than turn himself in and be a man. Probation violation #7. And people should give this guy a break or feel sorry for him? Excuse me while I got get some cheese to go with his whine.

  3. jkcpenn says:

    I believe people can seek forgiveness….but I also believe that if you take a life such as wade took mikes …..then you should pay the ultimate price. He should have never been released from prison…he should have never been able to have children. Mike didn’t get a chance…mikes parents and sister have spent many years not seeing his face…why should a cold blooded killer get a chance to live a normal life? Mike sure didn’t. Wade was obviously selfish. I hope he has to stay until 2042. And while he is there he can seek deliverance again because by faking his death…that was just another slap in the face to mikes family.

    • My prayers go out to Mikes family, but Wade did not intentionally take Mike’s life. They were both drunk and got into a fight and Wade has suffered from it too. And you ave no right to say he should never have been able to have children. He was a good father and would do anything for his son. He’s not a cold-blooded killer. He didn’t try faking his death he actually tried killing himself but it didn’t work, he hit the water than swam back to shore. So you should really get your facts straight I understand you’re upset but you have no right to say some of those things about Wade, he is a good man and a loving father, and the night he killing Mike has haunted him ever since, even after he got out of jail.

  4. LEON says:

    Was there any type of reward for the guy or for the stolen car?

    • Patrick says:

      Not sure about Wade but there was no reward for the car.

  5. Jason Lewis says:

    Well this sucks…Wade is a good man and he’s never tried to kill me or steal from me and we became close friends, People only judge and believe in the twisted media…No one believes he defended his self from his friend at a party that which they did not show in the americas most wanted they twisted it made it look like he killed his friend but from what i know he and his friend got into a fight at a party and Wade defended his self and freaked out and ran off with his buddies car…Hell but everyone want’s to believe in twisted bull crap…He will not get be treated fair cause everyone thinks he is a killer…I hope he is not being mistreated cause he is a good man that will be missed..Dunno how to get in touch with him since he is in jail now guess i will wait and see if he contacts me somehow

    • Walter Long says:

      Mr.Lewis,Wade Meisberger is a convicted murderer. He was given a fair trial and found guilty of the crime of murder.
      While I understand what you are trying to express it is important to remember that that case is not what he is facing charges for. As I understand it he will only be facing charges relating to his alleged probation violation and the alleged theft of a vehicle from his time as a fugitive.
      I am not attempting to sway your opinion the man that you call your friend,I am just pointing out that the public perception of him as a killer is accurate insofar as his criminal record goes.

  6. Tony K. says:

    We just updated the post with the latest information. He’s confirmed to be in the county jail.

  7. Patrick says:

    where c miller?

    • C Miller says:

      Courier facebook page. I guess he was actually arrested in Madison.
      Evan Shields The info is right. Confirmed by the sheriff he is in custody.
      about a minute ago · Like

      • Patrick says:

        I have read conflicting reports. Please keep me updated. Hopefully if it really happened we will get a phone call soon but it has not happened yet.

  8. Patrick says:

    This idiot stole a car from my father last night. I am pretty sure he was the only person who cared about him left in this world. Chances are he will blow through the money from selling the car and in a year or two be right back where he was, which was the middle of nowhere.

    • C Miller says:

      Patrick, I saw on the Madison Courier facebook page that he has allegedly been arrested in Indianapolis. I hope so. This whole charade needs to end.

  9. C Miller says:

    Not to be nit-picky, but it’s Meisberger, not Weisberger. You referred to him as Mr. Weisberger several times in your post.

    • Walter Long says:

      My apologies! That was just sloppy on my part. This wasn’t nit-picky,this was a very fair criticism.
      I have edited the article and corrected the problem.

      I should have proofed it better.