“Civil War Days” at Lanier Mansion

Every June, the Lanier Mansion State Historical site hosts a two day event called “Civil War Days.” This small festival is a fun way to connect with the 1860s and learn a little more about the war between North & South. The highlight of the event is the mock battle, complete with cannon fire and about two dozen soldiers. Browse our photos below for a better idea of what to expect. Be sure to bring cash for authentic food from the period. You can also read about it on the Visit Madison blog.

Lanier Civil War Days (June 15, 16, 2013; 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) $3 per adult; $1 per child. Experience the life and culture of Civil War-era Madison, Ind., during Lanier Civil War Days. Watch re-enactors recreate Civil War battles, visit with Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, listen to period music; see Victorian-era artisans demonstrate their skills, enjoy period food and drink and play historic games. ~ Lanier Website