Chelsea Indiana Tornado Damage: Before & After Photos

Using Google Street view from Hwy 62, in Jefferson County Indiana, I was able to reconstruct these before & after images from the March 2nd tornado outbreak. The damage photos are taken from our own tornado damage video of the scene the morning after the event. You can also find more photo links on our coverage page for the March 2, 2012 Tornado outbreak.

Before & After Photos (Via Google Streetview)

Satellite Overview of Saluda Township Damage

Overview: Click to enlarge

Tornado Removes Home on West Jackson Road in Jefferson County, IN

This home was completely blow off it's foundation. Click for Full Size

Fruit Stand Destroyed in Tornado

This fruit stand was blow several yards toward Hwy 62. Click for Full Size

Barn Missing after Tornado Damage

There was almost no evidence of the barn that once stood here. Click for Full Size

Tornado Destroyed Home on Hwy 62 near Madison, Indiana

This two story home was heavily damage. Click for Full Size

Damage on Co Road 800W

Several homes on County Road 800 S were completely destroyed. Click for Full Size

Map of Affected Area

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  1. Mike Johnson says:

    I was trying to find pictures of the damage in Chelsea because I used to live there when I was kid. On April 3, 1974, my brothers and sister and our Grandma were in the tornado that hit Hanover and Madison. It also crossed 62 just north of Chelsea. We were in our car in the parking lot of the power plant across the road from the entrance to Clifty Falls state park when the tornado hit the power plant. We watched as the high voltage towers were twisted as easily as a bread tie and then fell over in a heap. One by one they fell as the tornado came right at us. We had no where to run and hide so we just sat in awe of what we were watching. That is until the driver’s side window exploded and the care started rocking and bouncing around. We all ducked our heads and began to cry and pray. I was twelve and my siblings were eleven, ten and seven. This lasted about a minute. It was exactly as I’ve heard it described, “like a freight train was going right over the top of us” – sooo loud. When the car stopped moving, we raised our heads only to find the cars on either side of us was upside down and there were five cars from that parking lot in the basement of the church across the road. The church was gone. We heard later that someone in that basement was killed. My Grandpa and mom looked for us for hours that day but did not know that we had been taken to the Sheriff’s office in Madison until he took us home around 10:00PM. They had checked the hospital and police station but didn’t think about the Sheriff. Our car had been abandoned along the road because the tornado had driven multiple little rocks through the radiator and all the coolant had drained out and it over-heated. Grandpa and mom found our car but couldn’t find us. They finally found us at home after the Sheriff took us home.
    I tell you all of this because the home that we had been taken to by the Sheriff is the big house in the pictures above (#4). That was my Grandma & Grandpa’s house, Forest and Luella Eakin. He later built the brick house behind it to the west and the pole building on the same property. I recognized these pictures when I saw the Peach orchard stand. It sat across the road from their house.
    It is so ironic that my Grandma was terrified of storms after living through that tornado in 1974 and she would always go to the basement of the big 2-story house whenever the wind picked up. She died in 1978never having gone through another tornado. Thanks for sharing these pictures and putting them together (before and after). It really brought back a lot of memories.
    Mike Johnson

    • Tony K. says:

      Thanks for sharing the background. That’s more than bizarre that this tornado crossed 62 that close.