A Day Of Infamy and Honor

As my friend,and fellow contributor,Tony has already shared with you,today is the anniversary of that awful December day in 1941 when the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor,Hawaii was unexpectedly attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. It is safe to say that this day,and the events that took place on it making it so important […]

Thanksgiving: An American Holiday

In the spirit of this American holiday I would like to offer a little history in the form of the words of two of America’s most important Presidents and the role they played in establishing a national day of thanks. Being that this is an election year (the elections may be over but we do […]

Madison’s Golden Age Starts Today

I’ve dabbled around in local history lately, reading some publications from our Historical Society and even the James Lanier biography. All things considered, now is the best time in history to have lived in Madison, Indiana. Often you get the impression that the 1850-1870’s were the golden age of Madison. In those years, the city […]

How Bad is Madison’s Drug Problem?

Nov 20, 2012 Update: Local law enforcement has just arrested 20 residents on drug charges. At a recent event with the Mayor, I raised the issue of drug &¬†alcohol¬†abuse in our community. My point was a little off-topic for the meeting, but it’s something that needs more discussion. If you talk to anyone in local […]