Wade Meisberger Arrested

Wade Meisberger is back in police custody after being arrested Monday night. According to reports, he was apprehended at the Madison Mobile Village. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail just after 11:00 p.m. Click here to see his jailing information We will update this story as details emerge. Look for the full story in […]

2012 Jefferson County 4-H Fair Schedule

The annual 4-H fair is a major event locally, even if the Regatta sometimes overshadows the opening weekend. This page lists the schedule and information to help you fully support our county fair. For more information download the full fair program or visit the local 4-H page on Facebook. GRANDSTAND NIGHTLY EVENTS AND PRICES Prices […]

Madison Community Concert Band

For the last few months, I’ve been playing with the Madison Community Band. It’s been a good experience and fun to relearn musical skills I’ve long ago forgotten.  The group has about 35 regular musicians and invites new members to join. The band is a diverse group, both in age and musical skill. Keeping them […]

Solid Waste By Any Other Name

** This is a guest post from Kendal R. Miller, SEIRD Public Outreach Coordinator. “What’s in a name?” That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” With apologies to Shakespeare, there are titles—such as solid waste district—that could possibly blow that sentiment out of the water. In my opinion however, having […]

Video: Raising the New Madison-Milton Bridge

Watch the videos below to see a time lapse version of the new Madison bridge lift. The video is from the media team of the Milton-Madison Bridge Project. Don’t miss their live webcam of the event too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgYBmtkz8-g Time lapse footage of the 600 foot section of the new bridge being floated into place in […]

Standing Still: Will Madison Will Be Smaller by 2050?

Everyone knows Madison is historic, but much debate remains about its future. That’s what makes the population projections from Indiana University so important. Here are the latest numbers from their website looking at the trends for population growth or decline for Jefferson County, Indiana. Jefferson County Goes Grey The picture is not encouraging. The aging […]

14% of Jefferson County Residents on Food Stamps

I was digging through the STATS Indiana website this morning and was surprised by some numbers. One of the most glaring was the total dollars issued in food stamps each month in Jefferson County, Indiana. For example, the May 2012 report shows 4,530 food stamp recipients (2,023 households) in our county. That translates to 14% of local […]

Proving Ground Attracts International Attention

Last Thursday, the Jefferson Proving Ground was mentioned by a major publication from the United Kingdom. Richard Schiffmanm, wrote the following for his online story at The Guardian. Weapons testing grounds are another place where toxic contaminants accumulate. The 100sq m Jefferson Proving Grounds near Madison, Indiana, for example, has been fenced off and abandoned […]