Video: “The Town” a WWII Propaganda Film Featuring Madison Indiana

Did you know that Madison was the subject of a 1944 U.S. Office of War Information short film?  It’s just over 10 minutes long and has some great historic footage of the city. The narration of the video goes into great detail about the diversity that makes Madison a picture of the American experience. This […]

Some Came Running – The 1958 Movie Filmed in Madison Indiana

One of Madison’s claims to fame is the 1958 classic Hollywood movie filmed in our downtown district. Here is some basic information about the movie and a video of the theatrical trailer.  This feature film was an adaptation of James Jones novel Some Came Running. The cast included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine. The […]

Video: Downtown Architecture in Madison Indiana

Here are some extra video clips I recorded during the Madison Christmas Parade. They are not that exciting, but might be interesting to visitors who want to see some of the downtown buildings. The clips show several blocks of West Main Street, the Broadway Fountain, Lanier Mansion. Here is another video if you’re interested in […]

Video: Architecture of Madison Indiana and the 1937 Ohio River Flood

Do you want a quick overview of the architecture of Madison and Jefferson County Indiana to prepare you for your visit? Then watch this 4 minute video from a documentary about Madison Indiana. It features several of our most important historical buildings and explains the role of architecture in the history of our city. There […]

Jefferson County Courthouse Fire (Madison Indiana)

Get the facts and watch video of the 20 May 2009 Courthouse Fire in Madison, Indiana. Within hours, rumors and eyewitness stories filled the city. The historic Jefferson County Courthouse was the centerpiece of our downtown district and the loss was felt by all who love Madison. In July 2009, the Jefferson County Board of […]