1940 Census Records for Madison

After the mandatory 72-year waiting period, the U.S. Census Bureau has released its full collection of documents online. The format is not yet “search friendly,” but if you can discover information if you know the street address. Click here to view the information directly on the official census website.  Browse the entire town by street […]

Madison Commemorates the Attack on Fort Sumter

Disunion! Madison, Indiana commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning. Filmed April 12, 2011 at the Lanier Manison Visitor Center in downtown Madison.

Madison Indiana 1997 Ohio River Flood (Video)

The Ohio River levels reached 460.90 ft on March 7, 1997. This was the #8 highest water mark ever recorded in Madison, Indiana. Local residents still talk about this event as the largest flood in recent memory. It was still well short of the catastrophic 1937 flood at 475.90 ft. Here is a local video from the 1997 […]

Madison Population as a Percent of Jefferson County Indiana

After looking over the new Cenus data and making population charts for the website, I wanted to dig a little deeper. How much of Jefferson County’s population is contained within the city of Madison? Has this changed over time? What does this trend tell us about our future as a community. The following chart will […]

Population Growth of Jefferson County Indiana

The 2010 Census data gives us a fresh look at the population trends in our community. We’ve compiled the following chart to show the historical population trends in Jefferson County based on US Census Data 1820-2010. Jefferson County Population Change Census Population Change 1820 8038 1830 11465 42.6% 1840 16614 44.9% 1850 23916 44.0% 1860 […]

Historical Population of Madison, Indiana (Chart)

With the new 2010 Census numbers being released, it’s a good time to look back at the historical figures for Madison’s population. The following chart was created with numbers from the US Census Bureau and compiled by Wikipedia. Scroll down to see the detailed breakdown of these figures. Historical Census Data for Madison, Indiana Census Pop. […]

Top 25 Floods in Madison Indiana

With all the recent talk about Madison flooding, I wanted to share some historical flood levels to show you where we compare. The following totals are from the National Weather Service measurement at Clifty Creek. The current March 2011 flood should make it at #23 if this mornings 251.6 measurement holds. That’s still 25 ft […]

Madison’s Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant at Marble Hill

Is there a neuclear power plant in Madison Indiana? Short answer is yes, but it was never fully operational. After spending billions of dollars, the nuclear power facility was shut down. Local residents feared a nuclear disaster could happen here in Madison. The project was killed and the nuclear plant is now a ghost facility. […]