The Last Blast (At Last!)

UPDATE: It’s happening!! The date has been announced for the demolition of the last remaining unused,original bridge pier. The new date is tomorrow, FRIDAY JANUARY 31st at 4:00PM¬†! ******************************* Due to the high river levels,snow and below freezing ¬†temperatures over the last week this week the demolition of the last remaining unused pier has been […]

10 Ways Regular People Can Make Madison Better

A few months back, we wrote about the stability and benefits of living in Madison today. In fact, no other period in our history has offered the high standard of living we enjoy today. Our modern healthcare, education, recreation, safety, and public¬†infrastructure keep getting better. Another part of this Golden Age is our community spirit. […]

Madison’s Golden Age Starts Today

I’ve dabbled around in local history lately, reading some publications from our Historical Society and even the James Lanier biography. All things considered, now is the best time in history to have lived in Madison, Indiana. Often you get the impression that the 1850-1870’s were the golden age of Madison. In those years, the city […]