Video: Raising the New Madison-Milton Bridge

Watch the videos below to see a time lapse version of the new Madison bridge lift. The video is from the media team of the Milton-Madison Bridge Project. Don’t miss their live webcam of the event too.

Time lapse footage of the 600 foot section of the new bridge being floated into place in preparation for the first span lift.

This is time-lapse footage of the span lift that took place on June 28-29, 2012. It was shot by the project team. The span is 600 feet long (about the size of two football fields). It weighs 1,776 tons (3.5 million pounds!). For more information, visit the Milton-Madison Bridge Project Web site:

I know it’s technically the “Milton-Madison” bridge, but we always start on the North shore driving across to Kentucky.

Here is the official description of the bridge lift process:

The first span of the new bridge was lifted about 85 feet on Thursday and Friday. The massive 600-foot segment was lifted using special hydraulic jacks and bundled strands of steel cable. The span, roughly the size of two football fields, weighs 1,776 tons, or three and a half million pounds.

The last crucial step in the lift process is set for today (Saturday), when the intricate placement of two “sliding girders” is expected to take place. These are the 125-ton beams being positioned under the new span. They are supported by both the temporary piers and specially designed concrete pedestals on the existing piers. The beams will be used next year when the new 2,400-foot bridge “slides” from the temporary piers to the existing piers, which are being strengthened and reused.

The existing bridge has remained open throughout the span lift. The new $103 million bridge is expected to be complete in 2013. A second, larger span lift is planned for later this summer.

For more information, visit www.MiltonMadisonBridge.comor follow the project on Twitter.