Regatta & Independence Day Fireworks 2012

2012 Regatta Fireworks will be Saturday, July 7th at 10 PM. Independence Day a.k.a. the 4th of July to we ‘kids’ both young and old alike! Considering the history of the day we’re celebrating and the events surrounding America’s independence it would be wrong not to at least take a moment to ponder the ACTUAL bombs bursting in air […]

Heritage Trail of Madison Pt.2

Madison is a divided city. We are separated (by elevation) into two distinct areas, Downtown and the Hilltop, between which there has been no easy way for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel. Fortunately the Heritage Trail has provided that much needed link between the two areas and given us all a fantastic FREE  park/hiking/biking trail […]

No ‘Green Jobs’ For Madison

The City of Madison has confirmed that the un-named, ‘green energy’ (aka: renewable energy) company that had been considering moving to Madison’s industrial zone on the hilltop has decided against doing so. The City of Madison blog posted notes from the meeting. The most relevant portion comes in the final paragraph: She stated that it […]

The Return of the (American) Queen

Madison was recently granted an audience with the Queen, no, not a visiting head of state,the American Queen!! After a long,five year,absence the American Queen steamboat has returned to service and is once again steaming to Madison and ports beyond. Fresh off of a stem to stern remodel and refit and a re-christening ceremony where […]

Readying For Riverroots

Work was underway yesterday along Vaughn Drive and in Bicentennial Park for Riverrun 2012. Vendors were arriving and the performance stage was being set up and made ready for the 3 day music fest that takes place in the park located along Vaughn Drive and West Street. The festival,formerly known as Folk Festival,takes place this […]

Madison-Milton Bridge Closed For Inspection (May 2012)

Update 1:30 PM on 12 May 2012: The bridge has re-opened, but no new findings yet. At 10:45 p.m. Friday, Kentucky State Police closed the Madison-Milton Bridge until further notice for an “emergency inspection” due to reports of falling debris coming from the bridge itself. Inspectors are waiting until daylight to assess the damage (if […]

Canoe Commuters: On The Banks Of The Ohio

“Down beside where the waters flow… On the banks of the Ohio ” The Madison-Milton bridge which has stood for 80+ years is currently closed for five days(beginning at 12:10 am Wednesday April 25th)so that the existing approach ramps on both sides can be demolished and the new,temporary,ramps may be attached. The closure has forced those […]

Ron Harsin is “Just an Average Guy”

Ron Harsin is a native of Jefferson County,he was born in King’s Daughter’s Hospital here in Madison and has lived in the area for most of his life. He is a 1970 Southwestern High School graduate who attended Purdue University;during which time he studied computer programming,specifically the programming language “Cobalt”,which helped him land a position with IBM. He’s also worked for […]