Ohio River Flooding at Madison (April 2011) Pictures & Videos

The Ohio River is on the rise again in downtown Madison. This is just over 40 days since the March 2011 flooding (see video) broke into the historical top 25.   Watch the videos below and click through to our Facebook page for over 50 photos.

Update: As of Thursday morning the worst of the flooding appears to be over. The highest measurement from this event stands at Tuesday’s 452.5 ft, making this the #21 all time high water recording. The flood did rise to the point originally forecast. For more information see the latest measurements and forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Comparisons to the 1997 Madison Floods

Several people have been asking how this compares to the 1997 flooding in Madison, Indiana. The high water mark for that event was 460.90 ft. So current forecasts keep us well under that total.


  1. mary haviland says:

    just wanted you to know my prayers are with everyone there , madison is such a pretty place i have been there i do have couises live there so sorry this happen pray it will be over soon and the waters go back

    • Tony K. says:

      It looks like the river stopped before it did much damage to homes or business downtown. The last few feet of the flooding never happened. Some of the other areas of Jefferson County where hit with smaller river flooding, but everyone is breathing with some relief now.