4 Ways To Search Public Records in Madison

We want to pass along some free ways to search public records in Madison Indiana.

This is NOT about cyberstalking – just getting the information you need to protect yourself and your family.

1. Facebook “Friend” Search: A little too simple, but most people don’t protect their name from being discovered on Facebook. Simply open the Madison Courier arrest log and type in the name.

2. Jefferson County Sex Offenders Registry: You can pull up people from your neighborhood, just read the actual conviction line. Not all crimes listed are equally dangerous. This is all powered by our local sheriff’s office.

3. Browse Court Documents: We found an online service for lawyers that brings public records online. You have to pay to see full records, but you can run a search without charge and then go to the courthouse to look up the real thing. Try searching your own name, even old traffic citations are there.

4. Search County Jails: The Vine Link website lets you track current inmates in the county jail if you know their name. This service was designed to protect victims from potential violence.

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